The Nine Key Foundations For Success

Over the last thirty years, I’ve looked very carefully at what contributes to the successes and failures of small and medium-sized businesses.

I’ve worked with businesses in every industry and sector imaginable – from the highly profitable to the ones that were losing money. And helped most them to become more successful through the application of our system and strategies. I say most of them purely because some failed to implement what they’ve been shown – the ‘yes but…’ brigade!

What is interesting though (and very interesting to you as you start this journey in your business) is the fact that there are a handful of principles that are commonplace, habitual even, in almost every successful business.

And just as interestingly, they are almost always absent in businesses that are not doing as well as they could or should!

And that’s true, independent of the industry or sector, the size of business, the competition, the state of the economy or any other hurdle that governments like to put in the way of small businesses.

In fact, these key principles are the very foundations of any successful business.

Let’s start with two relatively open questions which You Must Answer!

This document contains the rest of the module, including everything we know about the subject, links, examples, and of course further key questions for you to answer as well.