6. Headlines

The Eight Business Boosters

Have a look at the world around us. Look at examples of marketing, leaflets, adverts, websites, sales letters sent to you etc.

What do you notice?

Usually they start with the name of their company and then talk about themselves. Nothing about the customer! Very little marketing that businesses produce is ever about the customer.

It’s usually about the seller.

But customers don’t care about you. They certainly don’t care about your name. 

They just want to know what’s in it for them. What you can do for them.

And that means they want to know why they should choose you, especially as none of us offer anything truly unique.

Imagine you’re in court. The jury will decide on the basis of the evidence you present. Customers do exactly the same thing…

So do Prospects…

So you need to give them evidence, good strong evidence, and lots of it.

I call this evidence your ‘Business Boosters’ – what you can show the jury so they can be (ethically) swayed to see things your way. The evidence you need to use is the Eight Business Boosters

And over twenty years of trials and campaigns and working with clients shows without a shadow of a doubt that the following are the most important influences on your jury – on your prospects and customers.

The evidence that gets the verdict you want – more customers, more sales, more profits and an easier business to manage. And they are…

  1. Irresistible Offer
  2. Unique Perceived Benefit
  3. Headline
  4. Benefits
  5. Guarantee/Risk Reversal
  6. Reasons Why
  7. Social Proof
  8. Call To Action

The effect of the Business Boosters is massive, as you can see

Business Booster Employed Effect On Response
Irresistible Offer Between 200% and 1000% increase
Unique Perceived Benefit Between 25% and 400% increase
Headline Between 50% and 500% increase
Benefits Between 25% and 500% increase
Guarantee/Risk Reversal Between 50% and 600% increase
Reasons Why Between 25% and 400% increase
Social Proof Between 100% and 1000% increase
Call To Action Between 25% and 200% increase

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