A business idea from watching Blue Planet – guilt free heat


Woody’s main business is recycling wooden pallets, and inevitably some get damaged beyond repair. He hated seeing these offcuts and scraps go to landfill or simply get burnt. Historically he couldn’t think what else to do with them.

And then he saw David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and decided to act.

18 months later and having spent close to £100,000, he’s invested heavily to produce the most environmentally friendly briquettes he can.

One that uses 100% green energy supplied via his own solar panels, with not a scrap of plastic in sight.

Hear Woody’s tremendous podcast, and let it serve as an example to us all:

You can download it directly from here: BGC Spreaker Library

You can contact Anglia Briquettes and Woody here: Guilt Free Briquettes


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