About Me:
Neil Foley
Business Adviser – but so what?

Let’s be honest, there is no possible reason to really be interested in who I am.  What matters is do I understand the small business sector, what’s my experience and what can I share with business owners that adds value.

I’ve run my own business for over twenty six years, so completely understand the trials and tribulations we small business owners go through.

My first business started from scratch and I have never forgotten how hard it was to gain traction. So many different hats to wear, all at the same time!

Eventually it thrived and I sold this business in 2014, and can well remember the range of emotions this triggered. Although I was pleased and proud to have created something of value, it felt very emotional to say goodbye.

My lifetime in business,  working in numerous capacities has given me a great deal of experience and knowledge to share, which is why I started the Business Growth Club.

I completed an MBA in 2011, and although valuable and interesting, in many ways my knowledge has been gained the hard way through experience.

Working as a Business Adviser in Norfolk I’ve coached over 170 small businesses who were looking to grow and expand, using all of my expertise gained over a lifetime. The only advantage of getting older (I’m 64) is you gain more knowledge and experience – hence my tagline about common sense business advice.

I’ve delivered over 220 workshops to small business owners looking for ideas and support, sharing best practice and learning from each other.

I know from experience, that finding time to attend a series of workshops is difficult.  As small business owners, we can often find it really hard to get away to attend a workshop as the daily grind can all too easily get in the way.  That’s why I decided to put everything taught in our workshops online, for those that want it.

This means people can access what they need when they can, as the business growth system is available 24/7.

I have given countless presentations and talks to groups throughout the region and beyond too, so understand what business owners need.

The only reason I founded the Business Growth Club was because I want to give back to the local community – I know it sounds nauseating, but it’s true.

As businesses grow they spend more money locally, employ more people, they just contribute more in every sense – so we all win.

And that’s my goal and mission in life.

If this strikes a chord in you, get in touch and let’s talk.

If you run a small business, isn’t it time to get some
common sense business advice that isn’t that common?

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