Funding innovative businesses via UEA!


Our local (and great) university here in Norwich, is the University of East Anglia or UEA. It has a history of funding new innovation, helping small businesses raise capital to bring their innovative ideas to market.

Their offer is comprehensive.  This includes funding loans which typically are issued over three years with an attractive interest rate. Certainly below the commercial norm.  These loans can be on a convertible basis, meaning they can be converted to equity later.  They will also consider taking an equity stake in the company.  Above all they offer first class advice, and have access to all the UEA has to offer too!

They will help in any way they can. You don’t need to have any connection to the University either so get in touch!

They have a new initiative called ‘Invest East’. Working with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils, and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. Saffron explains all in this excellent podcast which you can listen to here: Access to funding via UEA

Find out more about the Invest East programme here Invest East Website

I have a whole range of interesting and informative recordings you can access here: BGC Free Knowledge

I’m always up for a coffee too, as long as it’s good coffee of course: Contact Neil



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