Assessment tests won’t work in isolation – here’s why


it’s common sense when you think about it – assessment tests won’t and can’t work in isolation.  Human beings are far too complex for an assessment to provide some form of magic bullet or easy answer. However they can form part of the solution, and play an integral role in understanding your employees. But which to choose, as there are so many available?

Highly experienced coach and practitioner Oliver Hill explains how they should be used, the relative strengths of some of the main tests, and how he personally uses them to great effect.

Oliver doesn’t pull his punches, but that’s one reason we rate him so highly – he’s truly a passionate professional who genuinely wants the best for people.

A cracking listen and if you have ever wondered about using some form of assessments for yourself or your employees, then this is a must.

You can download directly from here: BGC Spreaker Account

You can find Oliver on  LinkedIn  

And his website here Hill Coaching

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