Our first meeting of 2018 and well attended by members with plenty of new faces too.

We summarised business news and ideas that had caught our attention, with plenty of marketing tips too.

We had many examples of offering guarantees, our focus in December, to illustrate how these can be phrased and used to very good effect – without simply offering money back, which is not an option for most of us.  Examples included life time repairs offered by a number of high end clothing manufacturers such as Tilley Hats and Hiut Denim – shows great confidence in their products.

Another guarantee from an engineering firm outlined what they do if things don’t go according to plan – simple and honest, showing they will do everything in their power to put right.

Many members have never properly made a business plan that is any use – too many are a paper exercise with zero value, and once made are never consulted again.

Our approach is to write a letter to yourself from the future, say in 12 months’ time – what would success look like, in all areas of your business and indeed private life too. Written in the past tense, showing what has happened.

At least you then know what success looks like in a real sense, and you can then determine what needs to be done by when to make a reality….and use as a working document to make sure you do it!

A novel approach to business planning but one with merit and a history of success.

Our main focus was on creating Irresistible Offers in our marketing – both digital and offline.

We worked through a real life case study, of a sandwich bar looking to break into the corporate market – breaking down their marketing message and working out why it worked, which is most definitely did, resulting in over £6,000 of weekly sales very quickly.

It boiled down to making a great offer, with no restrictions or ambiguity, showing how proud and confident they were of their offering – truly Irresistible.

Such an important session we actually worked on our own offers during the meeting using the BGC workbooks.

Our Daily Accountability sessions are proving to be a great success, with many members simply amazed at how much you can get done by taking small daily steps, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The two hours flew by and as ever we finished with open networking.

Date of next meeting 13th February