Our monthly meeting of Norwich and Norfolk business owners met in Poringland was well attended as usual, with a diverse range of businesses represented in just about every category.  All looking for advice on how to grow and sharing ideas and best practice.

Our discussions covered every angle of sales and marketing to include:

Moments of truth – being the touch points with the outside world, which will either enhance the relationship or not! Examples included Trustpilot reviews which if positive got a response but negative ones were ignored! Why?

Similarly with Google reviews, we had plenty of examples of negative reviews which have not been acknowledged or challenged – we discussed the etiquette best suited to poor reviews, with the need to be professional but robust.

Two great national examples of how to manage things when things go wrong and/or negative press received – Heck sausages were challenged by the Times newspaper over the treatment of its pigs and how the conditions they were kept in did not match the images on their packaging – their response was to seek a court injunction banning publication! Of course this didn’t end well and the bad publicity that followed was only exacerbated by their response.

Compare that to KFC and their supply problems leading to numerous restaurant closures – their response was to publicly apologise with a humorous advert, which was very well received on social media.

Another Moment of Truth was a pest control website we reviewed – a good company but the site had blog pages which hadn’t been updated for over 2 years – easy mistake to make as they presumably got busy, but a dreadful impression to give prospects.

In trying to attract a new younger audience, we looked at marketing material produced by the National Trust featuring young and ‘trendy’ people – danger being they alienate their traditional customer base in their pursuit of a different audience.

Same was true of a hearing aid leaflet featuring a young male aged in his early 20’s – how relevant was that!

We all need to be mindful of our target market and audience.

We ran through the sales process that we should all aspire to, from initial contact through the different stages of any sale – food for thought and the trick is to make sure we give it our best at every stage – the only way this can be done is by planning every step in advance using the BGC modules.

Determining the price of our products and services isn’t easy – everybody struggles regardless of the size of business but rather than assume everybody chooses the cheapest – we ran an exercise looking at the emotional pull some products can have using a tyre exercise – all things being equal, many of us will select on price with a high one equalling quality.

Our Daily Accountability exercise is going exceptionally well this month too!

Next meeting 10th April