Let’s talk about dementia

Our series explores the different variants of dementia from both a scientific and carers viewpoint. Professor Michael Hornberger explains in layman terms, what’s happening in the brain to help our understanding of the disease. Fascinating and awful in equal measure.

Dementia FAQs explained by Professor Hornberger

Dementia explained in layman terms by an expert, answering the Frequently Asked Questions we all want to know about this disease. Common symptoms, how it progresses, what causes it, the different variants, the role of proteins, diagnosis, treatment... Michael has been...

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Frontotemporal Dementia explained

FTD is a rare form of the disease which usually impacts those under 65, and starts in two specific areas of the brain. Here we explore the symptoms, its impact on semantic knowledge, how sufferers frequently hide their symptoms, the loss of 'filters' which can make...

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