Focus on strengths and productivity soars!


Focus on strengths and productivity soars. Therefore why isn’t everybody doing this? It’s a good question!  Clifton strength finder makes such a difference here.

We have been brainwashed into focusing on weaknesses. That typically happens in an appraisal. We spend too much time focused on what needs to improve.

Clifton strength finder turns this on its head. It identifies peoples strengths, working on the principle that once we know these, play to them. Makes perfect sense!

Clifton strength finder is such a powerful tool that many large US companies, such as Facebook, use it all the time. Every new recruit takes the assessment.  The findings determine where the new recruit will be placed within teams.  Thereby playing to their strengths.  Teams are stronger as a result.

Oliver Hill of Hill Coaching explains everything in his podcast.  You can find it here: Focus on people’s strengths

Oliver is happy to talk about any of the issues, and catch him here: Hill Coaching

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