Of course, the real cost is doing nothing and staying exactly as you are now!

It’s our business to make your business grow

Let’s assume that makes no sense, in which case our costs are two-fold – measured in time and money.

To make the system work you need to spend time working ‘on’ your business and not just in it.

We all know this and yet few of us do anything about it….and simply saying you don’t have time is no different than saying ‘you don’t want to’, which brings us back to our definition of insanity again!

We have two prices depending on how much support you need, namely £58.31 or £83.31 Plus VAT every 4 weeks.

No contract which means you stay for as long as it works for you.


BGC Starter Package

£ 58.31 EVERY 4 WEEKS

Everything is included to make this work for you, after all, it’s in both our interests.

  • 22 modules covering a range of crucial topics you need to get right in your business
  • Each module has a video, and audio file if you prefer to listen, explaining a topic in depth
  • Each module has an online workbook to help you think about what the next steps should be and write your own action plan – nothing too complex, all easily doable.
  • Membership of our own closed group of like-minded business people to share ideas, seek support and collaborate
  • Monthly physical meetings held on predetermined dates to meet your fellow members, and discuss business topics in detail to help us all

BGC Full Monty

£ 83.31 EVERY 4 WEEKS

If you need more support, it’s available via our Premier package which includes all of the previous plus:

  • I will personally critique and comment on your online workbooks, to help ensure you understand how these apply in your business
  • Membership of our Daily Accountability programme – a small select group who commit to taking small daily steps towards their goals, and support each other in doing so, giving themselves the best possible chance of keeping going

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again
but expecting different results

1. informal – Alcoholics Anonymous
actions or procedures you keep doing with the same results.
“Small changes make a big difference, they all add up”


Or if you have any questions:

Just call me on 01603 443355 or email neil@businessgrowthclub.net and let’s talk


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