let’s beat it together

In these difficult times as we get to grips with the impact of Covid -19, we need to stick together.

I’ve compiled a library of useful information here, which will grow over the coming weeks.

Together, we can beat this.

Things to consider

Things to consider

Get Planning. It’s been an extraordinary few weeks, the like of which none of us has ever experienced. However, although none of us can...

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Webinars here

Webinar recording

Helpful links

Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

a wealth of information both local and national

New Anglia Growth Hub

access to grants and support

Norfolk County Council

see what’s available

Make A Difference Human Resources

stay legal and safe

The Economist

Stay up to date with quality reporting

Alternative news that doesn’t always make the headlines (but probably should)

Coronavirus: the science explained

To help understand the science behind the virus, this site is excellent

Money Saving Expert

Simply the best independent online help available, for anything to do with money