A ‘brown’ man in Norfolk – Part 2, running multiple businesses and watching a mole!


If you run a creative business then you will relate to Ola.  In particular, if you live in a rural area as this brings its own challenges. Such as broadband speed and location for staff too!

The main challenge is time and priority.  How do you allocate time, when faced with multiple tasks? In a creative business, it is all too easy to get distracted. To get carried away with the ‘doing’ rather than focusing on the business angle.

Ola runs multiple businesses in the creative arena, including music and videography. In this podcast, the second we’ve recorded, we explore how this came about and the lessons learnt.  Plus hear how a mole interrupted our musings mid flow! The joys of living in the middle of nowhere.

Listen to his podcast here Ola and running creative businesses

You can listen to Ola’s first podcast and how the term ‘Brown man in Norfolk’ came about here: Black man in Norfolk and being Brown

We have a full range of podcasts, all with a business angle and you can find the series here: BGC Free Knowledge

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