Dealing with grief

This may seem a strange departure, which it is, other than it’s a fact we are all going to deal with grief and loss at some point in our lives but rarely talk about it. That’s not healthy and should change.
Therefore let’s start talking openly about death, loss and grief. 

Many of us struggle to know how to talk to somebody who has suffered the death of a loved one.

Should we mention it?

Merely touch on the subject and then steer the conversation onto safer ground?

Avoid the topic altogether as we don’t want to upset them and bring the matter up?

What do we do if they get upset and start crying?

It’s been a little while now, so best not to talk about it as they seem to be getting ‘better’.

It can be confusing, but we acknowledge that talking about deeply emotional issues is ultimately healthy and makes us human.

That’s why I wanted to share Steve’s story, as he’s brave enough to lay himself emotionally bare by talking about the completely overwhelming sense of grief he feels following the death of his wife Jackie.  Together for 51 years, his sense of loss consumes him.

In these podcasts we explore his feelings, his friendships and what life is like for him now and the huge range of emotions he feels.

Our hope is by explaining and exploring the subject, it will help us all cope with the inevitability of death. 




A better week for Steve

It has been a fortnight since Steve's last podcast, where we could hear the heartfelt pain and grief that overwhelms him. But today and indeed this last week, he's in a better place. Here we explore what has helped him over these last few days, the importance of being...

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