An engineering company that thrives with apprentices


Richard Bridgman of Warren Services in Thetford was awarded an OBE last year, in recognition of his tireless efforts helping young people. An apprentice himself, here he recounts his business journey.

You’ill hear Richard explain:

  • how apprenticeships have changed
  • why they are so important today when we have full employment
  • why they have 8 apprentices today
  • how attitude is everything – not much else matters
  • how to successfully work with a local university or college
  • the role of West Suffolk College and operating in a true partnership together

A great practical approach which has paid enormous dividends for both the company and the young people.  A true win – win!

Richard is happy to help in any way he can, and you can find his LinkedIn profile here: Richard’s Profile

West Suffolk College is a major provider and supporter of apprenticeships throughout the region: WSC

If you found this useful, why not check out our ever-growing library: Free Knowledge Library


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