Every business needs IT support – but what should it look like?


IT support is vital, as we all rely on technology, increasingly so. Hence it’s so frustrating and damaging when it either fails completely, or one aspect stops working. It seems to be less the ‘blue screen of death’ of old, as nowadays it’s more likely to be software issues of compatibility, viruses and updates.

The sheer breadth and scope of technology can be baffling, which makes small businesses especially vulnerable as they are most unlikely to have an in-house expert or dedicated support.

There are some real and pressing challenges such as how do you set up secure home working for employees; stay safe whilst online; make it easy for customers to deal with you; what should your back up look like; how do you plan for your future IT needs; the list is seemingly never-ending!

Listen to highly skilled technician Ben, as he explores the obvious solutions every business should adopt – it’s a cracking listen packed full of advice you will be able to follow. Promise.

You can contact VMIT here: https://www.vmit.co.uk/

We have a great and ever growing library of podcasts, all recorded with local businesses with something interesting to say: https://businessgrowthclub.net/podcast-library/

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