Why we should all be focused on the best possible website user experience – before you launch your site!


It is easy to make far too many assumptions when planning a new website. It is an exciting and challenging time after all. However if we don’t focus entirely on the user experience, we end up disappointed after our site is built. Ouch.

Tom Haczewski of The User Story explains in his podcast which you can find here User Experience Top Tips

It makes perfect sense to focus on how somebody is going to actually use your site. Where they look. How long they stay on each page. What makes them take action. What’s most important to them.

Imagine if we knew all this information whilst still designing our website.  How valuable would that be!

Hence Tom has built a highly successful business helping businesses focus on the website user experience.  He typically challenges assumptions about how your audience will actually use your new site or service.

It is all too easy to assume you know how your site or services will be used, but by watching exactly how somebody actually does so, in real time, challenges these assumptions.  The net result is you can make some simple changes before you launch, which greatly enhances the website user experience.  Which means more happy customers!

Plus how they are very open to bribes, providing they’re local is all explained in his podcast.


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