Generation Avocado with Kieran Miles


This podcast Generation Avocado with Kieran Miles explores what his generation think about business. Entrepreneur Kieran Miles explains why this generation is different, and their approach to business.

This has profound implications for any business, as the rules are changing.  It becomes less about money. The environment is hugely important. Owning things is not as important as it used to be.

That’s why so many large corporations are talking to Kieran, trying to understand generation avocado. Now you can too, simply by listening to his podcast.

Kieran founded the Avocado Club to encourage networking with a difference.  Less about what you do, more about who you are. He has certainly achieved that as the Avo Club goes from strength to strength.  And is spreading throughout the UK too!

Listen to his podcast here Kieran Miles – Avo Club

And if you want to find out more about the avocado club, they can be found here: Avo Club

We have a range of excellent podcasts all entirely relevant to business, and you can find these here: BGC free Knowledge


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