The Business Growth Club: We Give Back

The Business Growth Club was born out of a desire to help local businesses, the backbone of our regional economy.

We give back by sharing knowledge and skills in a practical manner, making advice and support affordable. It has never been about maximising profits, but all about being fair, honest and giving back where possible.

What Corporate Social Responsibility Should Mean

All too often a firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility statement feels contrived, something you ‘should’ have but with precious little true meaning. Often buried at the bottom of a website, alongside the Privacy Notice and Anti-Slavery statement.  Not all businesses of course, but too many fall into this trap and end up looking as we would say up North ‘All fur coat and no knickers’.

But it shouldn’t be this way.  CSR should be about support, encouraging others, recognising that anything we can do to support our local economy has enormous benefit to all of us. The key word for me is ‘Responsibility’ – recognising that we have a public duty to help others and the environment we live in.  And backing this all up with action, not just ‘nice’ words and bland statements.

How We Give Back: help local businesses

We give both time and money.

Our 19 modules are free to access and are a complete programme of how to grow a business, with nothing held back. If we can help a local business grow, we all benefit.

We give money to local charities working within our region, helping them tackle the key issues of our time.

We use local suppliers whenever possible, supporting our economy.

Every month we provide free business webinar meetings  and take this concept out into the wider county. Our advice is freely given, and nobody has ever been turned away in need of help through lack of funds.  We do what we can when we can.

We produce podcasts for any local business with a story to tell.

I am a trustee of a phenomenal charity called About With Friends’ based in Cromer, which supports people with learning difficulties to live the life they deserve:

I am a strong advocate for the Norfolk Community Foundation which you can read about below, as a great way of giving back.

Norfolk Community Foundation

The Norfolk Community Foundation supports around 2,000 charities throughout Norfolk.  They provide knowledge and expertise, as well as grants to charities and support groups that need help and guidance.

Norfolk Community Foundation: help local businesses

They are helping tackle the big issues we face, recognising that the Statutory bodies don’t have all the answers, but collectively, if we all pull together we can have a better society.

People can give money or time to the Foundation, but I would urge people to just get involved and I know they would love to hear from anybody who wants to know more – it’s a great way to support our communities.

Norfolk Community Foundation

What if we all did the same?

Being in business isn’t all about trying to be the next ‘unicorn’ with a daft fantasy valuation, dreaming of exiting before the walls come crashing down. It has always been about providing for your family, your family of employees, giving great value to your customers, treating suppliers with respect and ultimately supporting our communities.  It’s about enjoying the journey, the freedom that comes from being in control of your own destiny.

It’s all about having a legacy, giving something back and recognising how fortunate we are.  It makes me wonder what we could really achieve if we all gave a little more back. What if we all paid it forward?

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