How to finance your next car – be that new, nearly new or a classic. Expert brokers Chatsbrook explore your options.


Car finance – it used to be simple. If you wanted to buy a vehicle, you either paid cash or took out a Hire Purchase loan secured against the vehicle. Now it is much more complex.  However this gives us choice and that’s where Adrian Brooks of Chatsbrook Asset Finance comes into his own. Be that buying a new car, used, a classic or even a future classic, using specialist lenders to suit the client’s needs.

In his fascinating podcast, Adrian explores the history of car finance and your current options.  Plenty of examples at every end of the finance spectrum! If you have any interest in changing your vehicle, you must listen as it will enhance your knowledge.  And remember knowledge is power!

If you need help and any advice, Adrians website can be found here: Chatsbrook Vehicle and Asset Finance

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Adrian Brooks
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