Inspirational Creatives Podcast – small business top tips


Rob Lawrence is a podcast ‘guru’ who has long been a loyal supporter of the Business Growth Club.

Rob has a wonderful podcast series called ‘Inspirational Creatives’ and on episode 285 (yes he has recorded that number!) he interviews myself, as we discuss all things related to growing a small business, to include:

  • the challenges for new small and micro businesses
  • pricing strategies and the need to increase prices
  • how discounting can be very painful
  • top tips

We recorded the episode in the studio at JMS, who have great facilities and sound engineers too – find them here: JMS Group

Rob’s series is well worth a listen, and don’t forget, if you need any advice on anything to do with podcasts, his experience is extensive and priceless.

Inspirational Creatives Podcast Series

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