The Internet of Things – what it is and why it matters.


You may have heard of the Internet of Things, but if you don’t fully understand why it is so important, this is for you!  How do you make it work, what do you need to do and how to go about it?

At it’s simplest it is about the almost endless possibilities of connecting our devices be that at work or home. From a business viewpoint, this can make life more efficient and make a massive difference to productivity. The internet of things is that important.

This is going to impact every business and find out what you can do now to prepare and protect yourself too.  Especially important if you are planning any changes to your telephony or broadband, as so easy to get it wrong!

In his podcast, expert Russell Marriott who has a lifetime’s experience in this sector, explains all here Russell Marriott

You can contact Russell via his firm’s website which can be found here:  eastern voice data

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