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Cyber security is an ever growing threat

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Cybercrime is ever present

Cyber security is an ever growing threat, sadly the threat from cybercrime is ever present and increasing. Never make the mistake of thinking it won’t happen to you. You may be a small business and not an obvious target for cybercriminals – but attacks are predominately completely random and automated. It is not a question of ‘If’ but ‘When’ you will be attacked.

Cyber Security

I recall a painter and decorator explaining how his email system had been hacked, and he was held to ransom. Not a sophisticated cyber attack, but deadly effective.  It just shows the attacks are random in nature and none of us is immune.

The answer is to take precautions, follow expert advice and have a disaster recovery plan in place.  There is plenty of advice available, just make sure you are talking to the right people who are true experts in this field.

We are very fortunate within the Business Growth Club to have members with real expertise in all aspects of cybersecurity. A good starting point is to listen to a podcast recorded with Darren Chapman, a highly experienced cyber expert – Cyber Security Explained: Click here

National Cyber Security Centre

A good starting point is to look at the Government’s own online help and guidance, which you can find here: National Cyber Security Centre

Increasingly providers are insisting their suppliers have addressed this issue. This helps minimise the risk of their supply chain failing.  A recognised way of proving you take cybersecurity seriously is through the Cyber Essentials programme. Not too technical and a great starting point to help you assess your own vulnerabilities, access the site here: Cyber Essentials

The key message – is do something and do it today, as tomorrow never comes!

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