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Even if the question isn’t asked out loud..

Reverse the risk, there is an inherent risk in dealing with a small company – how do I know they will deliver on their promises? Even if the question isn’t asked out loud, it will be in the mind of your prospects. The best way of tackling this issue is head on and be totally upfront.  What will you do if something goes wrong, or the customer isn’t happy? Every business, certainly good ones, are mortified when things don’t go according to plan.

They will do everything possible to put matters right, and yet most businesses never talk about these issues.  That doesn’t make sense – far better to tell people exactly what you will do if this happens. You need to make the ‘sad – glad’ statement.  Sad something has gone wrong, but glad to know about it as it gives an opportunity to put the matter right.

This is far more than a returns policy or stating their statutory rights – tell them you will do everything in your power to make them happy. Give them your mobile number to prove you want to know if there is anything they need. Talk them through what happens, explain your review system, giving them a process.  And of course you do this entirely upfront before any sale is made – have it prominently displayed on your website.

It proves you care, have nothing to hide and total confidence in your service or product – that’s what I mean by reversing the risk.

Demonstrates the confidence you have in your product or service

And the longer your guarantee, the more it demonstrates the confidence you have in your product or service. This has the added benefit of helping to mitigate ‘buyers remorse’ which is very common – the longer the period, the less stress or worry caused. I really like the guarantee offered by the trouser/clothing firm Spoke – very simple and up front.  From the date of order, you have 100 days to decide if you want to return the product, with free shipping too. Demonstrates real confidence doesn’t it? Spoke returns Policy

The Business Growth Club has it’s own guarantee, as I practice what I preach: Guarantee 

You can access all of our modules for free here: BGC System



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