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  • Monthly Business Growth Club meetings
  • Pricing tips
  • Podcasts can reach a wider audience
  • Webinars
  • Case studies are very important especially in the B2B market

Our small business network meetings are packed full of top business ideas for any small business throughout Norfolk.

Here’s a summary of a recent meeting where the main topics we discussed included pricing, reviews, podcasts and the content pyramid, webinars and case studies.

How do you price your product or service?

There is an increasing move to open book pricing, certainly in the B2B market. We have nothing to fear here, as our cost bases are much lower than some of the more prominent firms. The trick is to outline all of our costs, so it is abundantly clear how we calculate our prices, our profit margins are reasonable, and we can deliver for the price.


These continue to grow in popularity and are really easy to do and can be part of your content pyramid. All you need is a simple recorder and some people to talk to that are relevant to your audience. I use a Tascam DR-40 which is really excellent and not expensive either, delivering very high quality results. You can listen to our podcasts here: Knowledge Library

Once your podcast is recorded, get an accurate transcript of the recording very cost effectively using a site such as, which costs only $1 a minute. A thirty minute recording typically will mean around 6 – 8 A4 pages in Word. You can find them here: Rev

You can use this as a blog, cut and paste for all of your social media and indeed any marketing campaign! The net result is one 30 minute recording can be used throughout the month.


These are another under used medium which can be very effective. Again any recording can be transcribed as above, and used across all mediums. They should be used to provide information rather than hard selling of course.

Worth exploring further and I have used Webinarjam which is very easy to set up and effective, although there are plenty of other platforms available.

Case Studies

An interesting take on case studies and testimonials. The temptation is to use those that show us in the best light where customers have had the best result. The danger is they might not be believable, but more importantly, we need to think what runs through the mind of our prospects.

We want our prospects to relate to the story. The danger is an amazing story that raises doubts in their mind as to whether they could replicate the results. Our “top business idea” is it would be better to feature a case study and testimonial from somebody who clearly gets a result, but they started from a lower base than the average. A prospect will think I am starting from a higher place and therefore should do even better!

Another cracking small business forum with some top business ideas. To find details of our forthcoming meetings, check our events page here: BGC Meetings

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