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Research first

Using product reviews, social proof is crucial, as none of us buys anything of substance without doing our own research first. The key thing we want to know is how others found our product or service.

  • Did we deliver what we said we would?
  • What were we like to deal with?
  • Has anybody any regrets?
  • How do they rate us overall?

Buyers remorse is a common issue, and most of us will spend a fair amount of time researching for the best solution before we make a decision, especially if we are dealing with a small company relatively unknown to us.

If you are operating in the B2B market, then all the evidence points to this being even more crucial. The stats vary, but between 67 – 70% of the buyers’ research will be done online before they even contact you! And what are they going to be researching? They will be looking for proof you deliver on time and on budget. Using product reviews from people and companies like them will carry a huge amount of weight.

Case studies are very important in this market. The reason being we share case studies, and if written correctly, the studies can illustrate very well what you do and the extra mile you go to satisfy customers.  Case studies should always be written in the following style:

  • Name the client and their business
  • Outline the problem they need solving
  • State your solution and what happened as you implemented
  • What’s the position the client is in now
  • Finish with a glowing testimonial from the client, with specific points highlighting your service

Use product reviews to sell online

The company Sumo published a very interesting article exploring in-depth how to use reviews to sell online, and you can access it here: Sumo – Product Reviews

We have our own reviews from Business Growth Cub members, and you can access here: Testimonials

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