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We are all selling something, aren’t we?

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The great Seth Godin Wikipedia asked ‘we are all selling something, aren’t we? in a blog.

His take was:

“Of course you are. You’re selling connection or forward motion. You’re selling a new way of thinking, a better place to work, a chance to make a difference. Or perhaps you’re selling possibility, generosity or sheer hard work.

we are all selling something

It might be that the selling you’re doing costs time and effort, not money, but if you’re trying to make change happen, then you’re selling something.

If you’re not trying to make things better, why are you here?

So sure, you’re selling something.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, “I’m not selling something too aggressively, invading your space, stealing your attention and pushing you to do something that doesn’t match your goals.”

You should sign up to his daily blog, as always pithy and thought provoking. He’s not missed a day in over 8 years! Seth Godin Blog

It’s odd that so many small business owners really struggle with the concept of selling, and are deeply uncomfortable with a sales role. Yet everything needs to be sold at some point!  But it is still a bit of a dirty word for too many small businesses. The upshot being it doesn’t get the care and attention it needs. It isn’t regarded as arguably the most important function in any business, and therefore one that needs processes, clear thought and resources too. If you want to avoid feast and famine, then not only must you market consistently, but use a proven sales process is crucial too.

If sales doesn’t come naturally to you, never fear as you are not alone, but that’s no excuse to leave the future success of your business to chance. Use the Business Growth Club modules to help you design effective processes – Find them here

But never, ever put sales on the back burner!

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