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What are people searching for online?

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Understand what and how our target market searches online

What are people searching for online, is the real gold in any online marketing is to understand what and how our target market searches online. Knowledge is real power here.

There are plenty of online tools that can help, normally using data analytics and keyword searches which are incredibly detailed. In fact it isn’t a lack of information that is the problem, it’s normally quite the reverse – too much!  It can be overwhelming.

Search engine Optimisation

Or SEO is the generic term used to describe the processes you need to employ to get found online. The starting point is always the same – what are people searching for online? More accurately, what is your target audience searching for?  What terms and words are they using?  Bear in mind most will type into Google what’s on their mind – quickly and never mind the mistakes. More often than not, Google (other search engines are available of course!) will have a pretty good stab and second-guessing what you meant.

SEO strategy

An effective SEO strategy means your site is recognised by Google as entirely relevant to the query posed, but of course, you face stiff competition. Ignoring for a moment the fact your site’s content must be relevant, now you can see why you need to understand what terms people are using in their searches. So how and what are people searching for online?

Long tail

The rather startling fact is that around 20% of search terms typed into Google are unique!  These are long sequences of words, called long tail, as they are looking for a very specific answer. Trying to predict terms/words that have never been used before isn’t easy! Most SEO experts would advise looking for medium tail words and phrases, as you can identify these if you understand your target market.  Plus the added benefit is the competition isn’t quite as fierce for these terms.

It probably pays to seek advice for any serious SEO work, as a complex area where expertise is needed.

A good starting point before you investigate further is to listen to a great podcast with acclaimed SEO expert Mark Williams-Cook, outlining the basic principles. Find it here: SEO Explained Brilliantly

At a higher level, one site that is often recommended is called ‘Answer the public’ which is used to gain real insight into consumer behaviour.

Worth a look if you are unsure what your target market is looking for online, other than pictures of cute puppies: Answer The Public


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