Lifting the lid on a recruitment agency – Simon Wooden reveals all


What an excellent recruitment agency looks like

Simon Wooden reveals:

  • When you should use a recruitment agency
  • And when you don’t need to
  • The Modern Slavery Act and how to ensure compliance
  • How to form a partnership with a recruitment agency
  • Why he went out on his own
  • What the future holds for him…

Simon Wooden knows the recruitment world well founding his company Straightforward Recruitment nearly four years ago. In his podcast, Simon talks through his top tips for using an agency, plus when you should go it alone. His agency places both temporary and permanent staff, so is experienced in both sectors.

The Modern Slavery Act is comprehensive and all-encompassing, and he reveals what steps you need to take whenever recruiting. A sad fact of modern life but essential. Modern Slavery Act 2015

He’s built his business on forming strong relationships and it’s easy to see why.

A cracking listen if you use an agency or have ever wondered whether you should.

You can find out more about his company here and he’d love to hear from you: Straightforward Recruitment

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