Leaders protect your mental health!


Leaders face stressful situations all the time. What happens when this becomes dangerous, and impacts on your mental health?  More importantly, what should we do when it does? Nigel Cushion’s brilliant book ‘Action Stations’ has 100 practical tips to stay healthy and mentally fit. The key is recognising you have an issue. Then take proactive steps to mitigate and manage the situation.

The book is well researched, with Nigel drawing on his own personal experiences.

The title of the book ‘Action Stations’ is very apt, all about protecting our mental health and not just for leaders.

To find out more visit Nigel’s website here: https://nigelcushion.co.uk/author/ 

Why not listen to the full podcast which you can find here: Nigel Cushion – Mental Health For Leaders

You can find all of our podcasts covering a wide range of issues, all entirely relevant to business owners here: BGC Free Knowledge

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