The art of negotiating so both sides win! Expert Steve Thurlow explains how.


We all know that in the B2B market the chances are both sides will negotiate. They will look to gain an advantage and use their relative strengths to get the best deal possible. All too often the perceived power lies with the buyers, not the salespeople. The perception is it’s all about price, but that’s not the whole story as there are so many other ways to cut a deal that suits everybody.

Steve Thurlow has spent a lifetime working in this sector, and listen as he explains how preparation is everything.  Adopting a more collaborative approach can pay real dividends when dealing with professional buyers, but is all too rare in his experience. Packed with top tips and advice, this podcast is an absolute must for anybody in sales.

You can download it directly from here: BGC Spreaker Library

To get in touch with Steve here’s a link to his website: Steve Thurlow Consulting

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