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We’ve recorded numerous podcasts with small business owners all with an interesting story to tell! No pitches or selling, just fascinating stories packed full of helpful business tips and advice we can all learn from, so why not have a listen to the Podcast Library.

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It’s true that one of the best ways to learn something new, is to listen to an expert – and that’s where our podcast series comes in.  I have sourced a range of interesting business people who are experts in their fields, and simply let them talk about their key subject. No sales pitches just fascinating unedited conversations which I love, packed full of useful information entirely relevant to small business owners.

Digital content shouldn’t be all about you!

Digital content shouldn’t be all about you!

We are all proud of what we do, and hence want to tell everybody at every opportunity! Hence all too often websites focus on that very point - they become all about us.  However the fact is that prospects don't care about us, all they really want to know is what's in...

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