Podcast Top Tips Archive

Our podcast top tips archive is with business people with something interesting and relevant to say. Relevant to our small business community.

Normally around 30 – 40 minutes long. I never use a recording studio but work in cafes, outside and occasionally in an office. I want you to feel you are listening to an interesting conversation at the next table. Eavesdropping on something unexpected.

Designed to be very informal and informative, with no hard ‘sell’.  The podcast archive has fascinating insights from a great range of businesses.  Just about every sector is there!

I learnt something from every single one. Therefore you will take away some immediate actions too.

Develop business AND people

Why it is so important to develop our people, often before tackling any business issues. Packed full of practical advice, anecdotes and good humour from the serial entrepreneur that is James Howells. He explains why it is so important to develop business AND people....

Leaders protect your mental health!

Leaders face stressful situations all the time. But when does this become dangerous, and more importantly, what should they do when it does? Nigel Cushion’s brilliant book ‘Action Stations’ gives 100 practical tips to stay healthy and mentally fit. The key is recognising you have an issue, and then taking proactive steps to mitigate and manage the situation – hence the title of the book ‘Action Stations’.