R & D Tax Reliefs Explained


Research and Development Tax Reliefs have been around since 2000, and a large number of successful claims have been submitted. All too often we think of R & D as being somehow solely focused on the scientific community, immediately conjuring up images of white lab coats and laboratories. However nothing could be further from the truth.

R & D as far as the legislation is concerned, is potentially anything you undertake as a company that involves a degree of risk (that it ultimately might not work) that will improve your operation.  You might be an engineering company, software developers, manufacturers or in the service sector.

Gary Parker explains in layperson terms what the legislation allows, what makes a successful submission and why it’s so important to not delay, as there are limits as to how far back you can claim.

A great, informative recording that has the potential to save you a great deal of tax and money, even if you don’t make a profit!

Gary can be contacted here and is always willing and able to help LinkedIn

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