Root Cause Analysis – understand the real reason something happened.


Whenever things don’t go to plan, it’s all too easy to jump to conclusions as to why, especially if it seems obvious.  Root Cause Analysis slows down the process by taking a much more thorough approach.  It stops us making rash decisions, based on ‘gut’ feel or circumstantial evidence as to why things happen. By following a five step process, we can be confident we truly understand why the event happened, and of course more importantly, prevent it from happening again!

Ed Wells is a recognised Root Cause Analysis expert, and in his podcast, he shares the process we need to follow, explained with plenty of real life examples.  To my mind even more important for small business owners, as we have limited resources. Catch his advice here:

You can download it directly from here: BGC Spreaker Library

You can find Ed on LinkedIn: Ed Wells LinkedIn Profile

His company Sologic has some great free tools and downloads too: Sologic Website

We have a plenty of fascinating podcasts from local businesses – see the range here: Free Knowledge Library

Root Cause Analysis
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