Another busy meeting with a full agenda as ever!  Below is a brief summary of what you missed.

The Eight Business Boosters are central to how we should all market ourselves, and we had a brief recap as to what they are and how to use them:

  1. Headlines are crucial, as we need to grab people’s attention immediately.
  2. Offers help to get people to take action
  3. Benefits not features are what matter to prospects
  4. Social Proof is very important – who had this before me and what did they think
  5. Guarantees – help reduce the risk of doing business with us
  6. Unique Perceived Benefit – why we are different from the competition
  7. Reasons Why outline why us
  8. Call To Action helps people take action Now!

All covered in depth in the BGC workbooks and videos.

To help bring to life we looked at some real life marketing from a major player in the HR world, marketing a series of seminars via a posted invitation.  They failed to use any of the Business Boosters, and as a result, the invitations were poorly received and seemed to be relying almost totally on us knowing their name and hence reputation (over 95% of us had never heard of them) or merely hitting us at exactly the right time when we have pressing HR issue.

And yet the company is very experienced, clearly knows what it is doing in their field, has loads of positive reviews on both Feefo, Trustpilot and Google plus they have an excellent looking free online HR Health check and a 30 minute telephone response time too!

We also reviewed a carpet company’s advert in our local paper – difficult call in many ways for them, as a commoditised product that is often sold on price.  But they focussed on the Benefits of using them, and not on just the carpet or indeed price – such as they can dispose of old carpets, move heavy furniture out of the way and even have doors cut to fit after the new carpet is laid.

Clever stuff and they had a great Headline which simply said ‘Carpet Offer’ which if you were in the market for a carpet would certainly grab your attention and get you to read on.

Finally on this front, we reviewed a Bereavement Guide advert in the same paper – which used terms such as ‘OUT NOW!’ in bold, and words like ‘…glossy magazine…’ and made it difficult to obtain a copy in any event.  Great example of how not to do it!

The trick for us is to use these experiences, to help us focus on what our own marketing should say and use the Business Boosters in every case – they are free and don’t take long to create either.

On the Offer front, we discussed an offer being promoted by a national department store for a ‘Free coffee with every cake purchased’ which sounds okay, but the small print goes on to state only valid Monday to Friday and after 14.30.

Totally weakens their offer and counter productive – after all the idea is to get people in store and at a very low cost too.  We must make sure our own offers are simple and straightforward, otherwise they can be received poorly.

Our final main topic was all around pricing, which we have been exploring in depth over the last few meetings.

One clothing manufacturer in Manchester, has started to break down their pricing to show where the money goes – such as pattern cutting at £11.50, cloth £63.33, our factory £29.51, our people £71.91….

Then with a mark-up of 2 – 3 times the total to give a price, compared to the normal high end mark-up of 5 – 7 times!

Clever stuff.

We know everybody wants to know about our prices, and we need to be transparent and certain sectors could follow the lead above to great effect.

Our next meeting is set for Tuesday 9th October in Poringland, with an 8am start and finishing by 10.

See you all there!