Why do you want a business coach or mentor?

A deceptively simple question. However, it’s not that easy to answer as everybody is different.  Especially small business owners juggling numerous balls with limited resources!

Typical answers I’ve found include:

Business plans

Most don’t have anything they actually use. That’s true regardless of the size of the business in most cases. Too often a business plan was written years ago in the first flush of excitement when the business started. However since then it’s gathered dust and been of no practical use. A complete waste of time in many ways. A useful small business plan should be a route map, helping determine actions that need to be taken. It sounds trite – but if you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know if you are going to get there!  It doesn’t have to be reams of paper or overly complex either. In fact, often a simple business plan detailing the actions to take are the most effective. Why? Because they are more likely to be followed! A coach can support a small business owner by helping decide where their inevitably limited resources (time and money) should be spent.

Business opportunities

Let’s face it, new business ideas are ten a penny and we all have them. There’s no shortage of ideas and sometimes the sheer number of them can be overwhelming leading to inertia. Which to choose, and how do you determine in any case? That’s where having a business mentor or business coach can help, giving you an external perspective.  Especially valuable if you are guilty of being impulsive or get bored easily. Meaning you can be guilty of simply jumping from one concept to another.

No marketing plan

This leads to feast and famine, a term we’ve all heard of and probably experienced too. We understand the need to continually prospect, but few of us enjoy the activity.  Therefore when we get busy, any marketing activity tends to stop. A classic mistake, as we need a continuous supply of good quality enquiries, certainly to grow the business. A good small business marketing plan in place, supported by your business coach will help stop this self destructive behaviour!

Running a small business is lonely

Especially with no management team in place. Sometimes you need a business coach and mentor to bounce ideas off. That could be general business advice and business help, or something more specific regarding business development. Particularly true as most small business owners have rarely had any formal small business training and have learnt ‘on the job’. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it has it’s limitations.

General business help

Growing a business takes a different set of skills to running a business. It’s one thing to start and run a business, another to grow it. A professional business coach will help you with structure, processes and determining where to allocate your time, identifying any shortfalls and help needed.

How am I doing?

Seeking external validation and viewpoint is sensible. Too often small business owners in particular, don’t know how well they are doing.  This can lead to either being complacent or worrying too much about the competition. Neither is healthy. A business coach will either move you out of your complacency or put your mind at rest – as long as true of course!

New business ideas to grow

If over dependent on one market or supplier, it pays to think of new ideas and to develop these business opportunities. Sometimes the small business owner is too close to the ‘problem’ to recognise the new business ideas necessary to grow. Having an experienced business coach and mentor, who understands the small business world can provide the support needed to explore these issues.

Small business loans and small business grants

Access to finance be that small business loans or small business grants is a common issue. Where do you go for unbiased advice? What’s the right thing to do? Most business owners don’t realise the vast range of options available, which is hardly surprising as there is no central source of information. There are number of borrowing options, from the mainstream banks through to the new challengers, finance houses and so forth.  Plus grants come and go from different institutions all the time. Part of the small business help provided includes having an understanding of what is available and who to contact.

Business owners want accountability

This is the most common answer in my experience!  Small business owners know what they should be doing, and know they don’t follow through. They get distracted by the everyday pressures of running a business. Totally understandable however this means they don’t  develop new business ideas, exploit business opportunities they come across, or even do the basics. Long term a big mistake. It helps to be held accountable, as it means it’s far more likely you will make progress. Think of it as having your own personal business trainer, but at work rather than down the gym!

What suffers typically is the business marketing plan, assuming there is one.  They stop doing the everyday actions that over time will make a difference. The stuff they did when they started in business.

It’s worth remembering why the tortoise beats the hare, every time.  It follows a plan.  In our case a business plan with daily/weekly actions that lead to results.  It doesn’t get distracted by new shiny things or excuses. Professional coaching can help hold you to account.

Typically the small business coaching and mentoring support I offer includes an element of accountability. Holding business owners to account for their actions, in a supportive manner of course. Running a small business can be hard enough already.

Small Business Help

Sometimes there is a need to gain knowledge. What I would call general business help

Our online small business training programme which is at the heart of the Business Growth Club to help here.  No theory but real practical examples of what works in the world of the small business owner. You can find details here: Business Growth Club

This online programme is split into modules, each focused on a particular issue with a short video and an online workbook. All proven to work too!

The only advantage of being in my 60’s is I have accumulated a lot of knowledge. That’s why I created the Business Growth Club and offer the business coaching programmes that I do.  Using my extensive experience coaching and mentoring businesses of every size and in every sector.  Small business has been my life.

And so what?

Of course the real reason you should consider having a small business coach is it makes a difference!

Otherwise what’s the point. It’s one reason I offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. It’s a very open and honest one too: Money Back Guarantee

If you need help or just need to talk through your options, get in touch and happy to talk at any time. As I’m a tart for good coffee.

https://businessgrowthclub.net/contact-us/ or call 01603 443355