Let’s focus on what small business owners need

  • Business Support
  • Small business tools
  • Importance of headlines
  • Benefits not features
  • Reasons why are crucial
  • Social proof
  • Guarantees and risk reversal
  • Grants and funding

The sole aim of the Business Growth Club is to provide support for small business owners here in Norfolk and throughout the region. We know it can be hard running a small business, let alone finding time to grow one! Indeed, many people don’t know how to grow a business, as it takes different skills to purely running one after all.

Business Support

Therefore our focus is on providing small business support and help for business owners by providing specific advice.

More specifically small business advice, small business ideas and small business solutions. You will notice a trend here, as we do anything we can to help and support small business owners!

We know resources can be very tight in the small business sector. Therefore we need to work smartly as we have neither time nor money to waste.

Small Business Tools

One of the best small business tools we use, include our Business Boosters to maximise our impact and should be used in any contact with the outside world. These Business Boosters give us an edge if we use to describe what makes us different, taking the argument away from price.  After all, none of us can win in a price war as it is a race to the bottom.

Our top small business tips are therefore to understand these principles and why they are so important, and they are explored in depth in our BGC modules. Crucially, none cost any money to implement either.  To give a greater understanding of why these are our top business tips for small businesses, let’s look at some of these Business Boosters.


The importance of a Headline to grab people’s attention – and get them to stop and take notice. Absolutely crucial in every situation, and probably using your name or the name of your business isn’t going to hack it here…. being blunt, who cares what your name is! All the reader wants to know, immediately, is should I stop and read further or take notice at all? If your headline grabs them, then they probably will.

You could be the best thing since sliced bread, but they don’t know that yet, and will never find out if they don’t stop and take notice. Hence your headline is so important and is our first top business tip.


We must describe the Benefits of using our service or product, not just the features. There is a very simple technique to help here, meaning you don’t have to be a great wordsmith or copywriter.  Just add these three words after every feature you describe ‘…which means that…’ to describe what benefits that feature will mean. For instance that a product is made of metal, is a feature. To turn that into a benefit add ‘…which means that it is very strong and virtually unbreakable, lasting for many years.’  Simples!

Reasons Why

The Reasons Why we can deliver on our promises and exactly what are we offering. Explain how you can back up any claims you have made, through experience or expertise. The fact you may have been in business for many years doesn’t on its own mean anything. It fails the ‘So what?’ test. For example if you are a heating engineer that has been in business for ten years, that means nothing on its own.  However it becomes far more compelling if you state that this means I have installed over 128 boilers, in every type of building imaginable. Therefore your experience counts because you have learnt the hard way.

Social Proof

The importance of Social Proof, especially important in the small business sector. People probably haven’t heard of us and want to know what others think of us before they engage. A perfectly reasonable and logical stance to take isn’t it?  After all I suspect none of us buys anything from the likes of Amazon without first checking the reviews the supplier has received.  There is a risk in making any purchase, and this is even more important in the mind of a prospect because of who we are, ie relatively unknown, certainly to them. Check out what our members say here What our members say about us


Guarantees and Risk Reversal can be used very effectively to help convince prospects to buy. We will do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy, and we all offer a form of guarantee. But most small businesses don’t talk about them!  Here at the Business Growth Club we offer a money back guarantee, to prove we completely believe and stand by our own advice. you should develop your own guarantee, which doesn’t have to be money back of course. You can check out our guarantee here Money Back Guarantee

We strongly believe these small business tools can make all the difference to success. There are eight Business Boosters in total, and they most definitely help in any small business development.

Grants and Funding

There are outside sources of funding and grants, tailored to support the small business sector.  These include small business grants to enable us to purchase capital goods for instance, often providing around 20% of the overall cost, although sometimes higher percentages are available. A few grants are more specific and will have an environmental angle or be applicable only to certain sectors.

Some of these grants are administered by quasi-government bodies such as the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (Norfolk and Suffolk LEP) but there are others, often using European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) money too. New Anglia Growth Hub can be found here New Anglia Growth Hub

There are government business grants available too, such as those via the Department for International Development for any organisation looking to export their products or services. Access their site here: International Trade

It is important to note that if you are looking for a grant, you must not enter into any agreement or contract before you have your grant application approved. The rationale being the grant is to enable the purchase, and without it, you would not be able to proceed. Patently not true if you have a contract in place to buy already.

In our experience, every organisation responsible for administering grants are very helpful and offer great advice and guidance. Therefore it makes perfect sense to talk to them and see what specific help is available.

If you want to know more about any of the topics mentioned, to really understand the level of small business support we provide to businesses here in Norfolk, why not get in touch and let’s talk.  After all, what have you got to lose? Contact Neil here: Contact us

Hope you found this useful and we have an ever growing library here: BGC Free Knowledge