From Sync The City in 2017 to full product launch – the Safepoint story


At the 54 hour hackathon that is Sync The City, in 2017 Callum Coombes and his colleagues won with their brilliant concept to protect lone workers.  They won because of a solid business case, having spotted a gap in the market with clever use of technology.  It’s one thing winning a competition, however hard that may be, but another altogether to actually bring their concept to market.  The key question was is there a market in the gap they had identified?

Hear their journey here in this insightful podcast.  The lessons learnt, how they operate as a team, what they would do differently if starting again. Crucially in less than two years, they have a fully functioning product and proposition – ready to launch to the world!

You can contact Callum and his colleagues here: Safepoint

Lone worker safety
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