Telephone Selling Top Tips


How to use the telephone to sell

You will learn:

  • Preparation is key
  • How to position yourself
  • The use of props
  • Be polite and the ultimate professional
  • Persistence pays off

Arguably the telephone is more effective than ever – after all emails just get lost in the noise, even the ones we want to respond too!

However most of us are not entirely comfortable using the telephone, certainly not if we’re calling prospects.  Years ago we would have been trained in how to use the telephone, but that doesn’t tend to happen now.

Certainly judging by the stupid and deeply annoying cold calls I receive on a daily basis, few people are trained well, if at all. However there is nothing wrong with a cold call if done well, as it’s a tried and tested prospecting tool.

A properly prepared telephone conversation can pay enormous dividends.  Glenn Hoy has been using the telephone to call prospects for over 30 years, and very successfully too with a strike rate to die for.

Glenn explains the importance of preparation, treating every call in a professional manner.  How he uses the acronym PANDA (taught over 30 years ago but still entirely relevant) every time to get results.

Why he has a monkey and a jar of Marmite on his desk too!

Glenn shares his top tips in a fascinating podcast recorded in a local pub and you can listen to it below:

You can download it directly from here: BGC Spreaker Library

If you like this podcast why not check out our ever growing catalogue of Norfolk based businesses sharing their experiences here: BGC Free Knowledge

And if you want to speak to Glenn, he’s happy to talk and the best number to catch him on is 07747 270775

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