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Pitch Deck Top Tips

If you want somebody to invest in your new company, a professional high-quality pitch deck is a must. You only have minutes to gain their attention, in a highly competitive market too. James Church of Robot Mascot has great experience in creating pitch decks that...

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Coaching for schools that makes a difference

Teachers are exceptionally busy and under pressure, from all sides. Mary - Jo Hill completely understands having spent her life in education. In her podcast she explains what difference professional coaching makes to both teachers and their schools, and why it's...

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Leaders protect your mental health!

Leaders face stressful situations all the time. But when does this become dangerous, and more importantly, what should they do when it does? Nigel Cushion’s brilliant book ‘Action Stations’ gives 100 practical tips to stay healthy and mentally fit. The key is recognising you have an issue, and then taking proactive steps to mitigate and manage the situation – hence the title of the book ‘Action Stations’.

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