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It’s one thing us telling you how good we are and what results can be achieved.  After all, everybody does that. 

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1. Putting The Basics In Place

How To Get The Best Return
The structure of our sessions are quite simple, and designed to keep you interested, but you’ll be doing most of the work, because that’s the best way for people to understand, learn, absorb and have the confidence to go out and do things in the real world of your own business.


2. Nine Go Forward Foundations

The Fundamental Footings Upon Which Real Business Success Is Built.
Over the last twenty years my colleagues and I have looked very carefully at what contributes to the successes and failures of small and medium sized businesses.


3. Three Business Multpliers

We are going to show you how to use all Three Multipliers in your business, at the same time.
So let’s start by clarifying what they are. Lead Generation is “Getting People Who May Be Interested In What You Have To Offer.” No more than that. Just getting them to enter your Department Store. Sales Conversion is turning those people into paying customers. Getting the ‘browsers’ to go to the till. Building an on-going system that repeats and runs itself, so you don’t have to.

4. Time Matrix

Getting More Time By Planning Your Time
Most owners of small businesses don’t have enough time to do all the things they need to, let alone the things they want to or should be doing.

But those people who plan their time don’t suffer as badly – because planning is the key to time management. Imagine this…


5. Swot Analysis

As you would expect, large businesses are constantly reviewing how they ‘fit’ in their marketplace, trying to identify issues before they become a problem and exploiting any opportunities that appear. They will probably have a whole raft of specialists helping them with this exercise, both employees and external consultants.


6. Headlines

Have a look at the world around us. Look at examples of marketing, leaflets, adverts, websites, sales letters sent to you etc.

What do you notice?

Usually they start with the name of their company and then talk about themselves. Nothing about the customer! Very little marketing that businesses produce is ever about the customer.

7. Irresistible Offers

Remember the evidence you need to use is the Eight Business Boosters, the evidence that gets the verdict you want – more customers, more sales, more profits and an easier business to manage. And they are…

8. Social Proof

The Eight Business Boosters “Social Proof
We have already studied two of our Eight Business Boosters, namely the importance of having an effective Headline to grab people’s attention and how Irresistible Offers give them reasons to engage with us.

Now we are going to look at how you grow your business using Social Proof, in all its forms.


9. Benefits Not Features

People don’t buy your product or service because of what it does (features) – they buy the results the product or service brings them (benefits), and then use logic as a secondary back up.

10. Guarantees and Risk Reversal

As you know, the benefit of any product or service is usually gained only after the sale is made – which places a risk on the shoulders of would-be customers.

11. Reasons Why

In the previous module we tackled how important it is to have a very strong guarantee and more importantly, tell everybody about it up front and before they buy.

As you know, the benefit of any product or service is usually gained only after the sale is made – which places a risk on the shoulders of would-be customers.


12. Call To Action

The importance of having an effective call to action cannot be overstated, as unless your prospects or customers take action, nothing happens. This is especially true in today’s overloaded world – with so much information available just about immediately, if you don’t get them to act and Act Now, the danger is they will never get round to it.

13. Sales Conversion

Most businesses when they don’t get the sale, especially if they can’t think why not, will quite possibly be annoyed and simply dismiss and move onto the next prospect. This is a mistake and if you do them same, will be costing you money. Think how hard it can be to generate initial enquiries, so why let them drift away!


14. Customer Research

Getting information from your real live existing customers. Why would we want to do that? Why is it important?

  • What customers want is vital
    What customers perceive is more important than what we think
    Do ‘good’ customers see us differently to ‘average’ ones? Why/How?
    What benefits do they get from your product/service?
    Which ones are most important?

15. Lead Generation And Your Target Market

This is one topic not two – you can’t have one without the other.

The Target Market is the single most important aspect of Business Growth or even Business Survival because no matter how amazing, appealing or unique your product or service is – if it is marketed to the wrong people it can never reach its full potential.

16. Competitor Research

The time you spend on research will repay you many times over and in fairness, even though the short cuts save you time, you will need to put the effort in, in order to get the best results.

There are three areas of research you must explore if you want to get the most from improving your sales and profits…

17. Unique Perceived Benefits

This is about ‘What Makes You Special’.

Unique Perceived Benefit (UPB) is a simple statement which differentiates your business from your competitors’ in the minds of your customers/clients and prospects.

It’s what really makes a business ‘stand out from the crowd’.

18. Secrets Of Web Marketing - Buyers Remorse

Why Most Small Businesses Get Web Marketing Wrong So many people think the internet has different rules. Its own rules. And they’re wrong.

There are a few things that are different. There are a lot of things which are the same but have a different name – it’s called reinventing the wheel and it doesn’t add anything you didn’t already know.

Buyer’s Remorse - the doubts and worries customers have after making the purchase.

People change their mind, or at least worry whether they’ve made a mistake, and this increases the higher the price or the greater the importance of the purchase.


19. Salesmanship In Print

The Key To Writing Copy That SellsIs to Get The Reader To ActAND To Act NOW. Because if they don’t do it now they probably never will. The best way to sell anything is face to face because…

You Can Gain Their Attention, Find Out What They Want, Find Out What They Need, Listen To Objections, Then Overcome Them, Articulate The Benefits – The Ones THEY Want To Hear, Tell Them Who Else Has Bought Your Widgets – And How They Benefitted

Because if they don’t do it now they probably never will. The best way to sell anything is face to face because…

You Can Gain Their Attention, Find Out What They Want, Find Out What They Need, Listen To Objections, Then Overcome Them, Articulate The Benefits – The Ones THEY Want To Hear, Tell Them Who Else Has Bought Your Widgets – And How They Benefitted

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