The changing face of retail – James Davey explains


Jame’s Davey covers:

  • The changing face of retail
  • The High Street isn’t dying
  • The Internet and online shopping isn’t everything
  • Which brands are adapting and thriving
  • What we can all learn from what’s happening

We all know the retail world is changing.  It seems as if every day another firm is in the news for all the wrong reasons, leading to the tired old mantra that the ‘High Street’ is dying. But some firms are thriving, certainly here in the East.  A more accurate assertion is the High Street is evolving. Those firms that understand what is going on and what we the buying public want, do well.

James Davey has spent a lifetime advising national and international retail brands on their physical and online positioning.  In his excellent podcast, James shares his thoughts on what’s happening and the lessons we can all take from his experiences. Staying as we are isn’t an option!

You can find James at The Armoury, a fabulous creative agency here in Norwich. They work with clients throughout the Country and beyond: The Armoury

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