The state of US politics as explained by American tech entrepreneur Rand Fishkin


If you are bemused as I am as to what’s happening in the US, then take time out to listen to Rand Fishkin from Seattle as we talk about this thorny subject.

We explore the central issue of race, how the history of the US has profound implications that are still being felt today, the myths and simple untruths that abound…the list goes on.

What happens in the US has deep significance for all of us here in the UK, indeed the whole free world. Worrying times indeed.

Rand has a tremendous business track record, is from a family of Jewish immigrants and has a real passion for human rights and dignity.  Eloquent, informed and considered – this is a great podcast.

You can download directly here: BGC Spreaker Account

Rand Fishkin can be contacted via his new venture here: Sparktoro



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