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Whilst we are all in lock down, our monthly free small business virtual networking meetings are your chance to meet fellow members and keep sane.
Whilst learning some new skills too!

Virtual networking tailored for small businesses!

The Business Growth Club

Now most of us are working from home, or certainly working in some new way, let’s not forget the importance of learning something new whilst connecting with our local business community.  We can all learn from each other, and offer support too.
So get the kids sorted, and come along to our monthly webinars designed just for you. Packed full of helpful advice, plus a chance to speak if you want to, sharing ideas and experiences.

Every month, normally on a Tuesday, we start at 10 am and they will run for around an hour, and all you need is an internet connection.

They run every month and to register (it’s a very simple process) just click on the links here: 

We meet with the sole purpose of sharing ideas, knowledge and best practice, all combined as monthly networking. All based on the principle that we are stronger together.

A typical meeting is a mixture of theory illustrated by real-life examples, together with our own experiences. Very relaxed and informal, with no silly questions and a great variety of businesses coming along.

Taking the January 2020 agenda and slides

Our format is the same for every meeting, namely, we start at 10 and remind everybody how we operate…and our monthly networking starts with introductions too

A agenda included covering the Business Growth Club 8 Business Boosters, with examples for each that we’ve found and seen over the last few weeks…all of which you can find in the workbooks available fro FREE within the BGC System.


Headlines are everywhere, not just in the obvious places, but here under a Google search, using the example of a firm called Northern Accountants:

A great example of them being targeted in their approach, using powerful emotive words to create a headline that grabs your attention….and take action by clicking through to their website.  After all, that’s the sole purpose of the headline, getting people who ‘may be interested’ to take action.

Irresistible Offers

Soft offers encourage engagement, so we can start the sales process – we aren’t talking money off or discounts! In this great example below, in return for an email address, get some top tips to legally reduce your Corporation Tax bill.  The firm can demonstrate expertise this way:

Here’s a great example of an ineffective Irresistible Offer:

For one they have offered a discount off an already very competitive product…their margins must be tiny, meaning they will have to sell significant numbers of these websites for their net profit to stand still. And they won’t.

They have also made the classic mistake of having strict terms and conditions – makes them look scared and any offer with get out clauses isn’t as effective as it should be.

Finally the two products aren’t explained, no benefits or explanations either.  Unlikely to be effective isn’t it.

If you really want to understand how pricing impacts on your profitability, why not read our article focused on this key topic.

Benefits not features

Features all too often are all that we explain to prospects, which although important, aren’t enough. We must explain what benefits they bring – that’s all that matters after all.

Easy to do, just add three words to every feature…’ which means that…’. A great example of selling benefits was advertised in a national newspaper recently, with these benefits:

The list went on and on…

Very powerful and a great example of selling benefits…the product itself was a pretty basic tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity, ideal for its target market being the slightly older person with limited IT knowledge or skills. Perfect.

Reasons Why

We need to tell prospects that we can back up our claims.  One way of doing that is to demonstrate that you know the market you are targeting – how not to do it illustrated by the email below I received recently from a good company seeking to engage with me…

By stating they work with companies like Uber and Slack, which although impressive, it immediately makes me think they have nothing to offer a micro-business like mine.

Social proof

Before we buy anything, we all want to know who’s bought before and what was their experience – hence social proof is very important. We explore the different types of social proof:

A brilliant example of using Google Reviews well is with a local attraction called Thursford

If you were looking for a local tourist attraction to visit, here’s in excess of 2,200 people saying how wonderful it is – very effective marketing.  Hard work to get Google Reviews, as it takes focus, but worth it.

Business Awards

These are a great form of social proof – you can get a monthly list of awards from this company, for free.  We talked through the process, the pros and cons too.

Call To Action

Hugely important to try to get people to take action, by picking up the phone, clicking through to buy, placing an order…there are things you can do that make a difference here, such as…

A great example comes from Thursford again, and this is the message you see on their website

No wonder they manage to sell out this show a year in advance!  Clever stuff.

Other agenda items

We are always on the lookout for interesting facts, figures, opinions, and advice that we can all learn from. Such as the advice below about how we can hesitate to write, and I love the line’…just dip your pen in your artery…’

How you write is important, and here’s some great advice as to style…

Seth Godin Blog

Seth Godin is a brilliant marketer, and we often share some of his priceless tips and I urge all members to sign up to his free daily blog

Bullet Journal

I have been experimenting with using a Bullet Journal, and we share what’s working here – the most striking bit being the importance of using an index, making it super easy to find your notes.  So simple, and yet so effective and easy too!

Business Books

We share what books we are reading that particularly resonate and are proving useful.

A firm favourite of mine is ‘They Ask, you answer’ by Marcus Sheridan – one of my top five business books

Bits and Bobs

Finally, we finish with some things we can’t easily categorise, such as

We finish on time by 11, every time.

A great way to start your day!

No need to book, as its too much hassle to organise, just put the dates in your diary and come along (albeit virtually) – we have some great people and it’s monthly networking with a difference.


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