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Our monthly free small business virtual networking meetings have been the chance to meet fellow members and keep sane.
Whilst learning some new skills too!

Virtual networking tailored for small businesses!

The Business Growth Club

If you are possibly working from home, or certainly working in some new way, let’s not forget the importance of learning something new whilst connecting with our local business community.  We can all learn from each other, and offer support too.

We have successfully held monthly zoom webinars throughout the worst of the pandemic, and its been wonderful to see so much support given so freely within our business community.

But for now we are taking a short break, as the workloads have been punishing and it would appear the worst is over!

We will be back!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch in the meantime.

We meet with the sole purpose of sharing ideas, knowledge and best practice, all combined as monthly networking. All based on the principle that we are stronger together.

A typical meeting is a mixture of theory illustrated by real-life examples, together with our own experiences. Very relaxed and informal, with no silly questions and a great variety of businesses coming along.

By way of example, here are the slides from our November webinar 


Background information

Providing some context and balance to the overriding negative media coverage we all see and hear every day.

Some Balance

The Pace of Change Has Accelerated

Retail changes are here, right now

Service sectors are impacted too

What we can all do right now

Every month we explore good and not so good marketing, sales and business concepts we have come across - the following slides illustrate these points

Great example of an online business trying to help everyone

New software we have tried this month


Poor marketing as we know they are merely acting as an affiliate for commission – whereas they could have explained why they are taking this course of action, what research they deployed, their buying power to get a cracking deal – you get the drift

Cracking offer from Microsoft

Social proof?

If you are going to use reviews, best to have more than 13 and a higher score than 3.5 too!

Cracking idea to help us all feel less isolated

Interesting idea to share your future development plans with prospects

The core of the Business Growth Club

Our overall aim!

A brilliant and really important book

A cracking book everybody should read to understand where technology is taking us - and fast too.

If you run a small business, isn’t it time to get some
common sense business advice that isn’t that common?

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