What makes an effective CRM – Jamie Allan explains


We all know we should be using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. However, in my experience few small businesses use one effectively if at all. The reasons are many and varied, but one of the common issues is the sheer complexity of some off the shelf solutions available.  Although very impressive software packages, for small businesses in particular, they can feel overwhelming and complex.

Jamie Allan has been working in the CRM space for over 30 years, and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about the overriding principles of why a CRM is vital and how they operate.

Significantly, he has created a bespoke CRM solution which is priced extremely competitively. More importantly, being bespoke the CRM will be exactly what the business needs right now, with no surplus features or complexity. This means it will get used, which is the whole point!

If you have a CRM that doesn’t really work for you, or you know you are not working effectively with your data but haven’t found the right system – spend just over 20 minutes listening to the expert that is Jamie here:

You can download it directly here: BGC Spreaker Library 

Jamie is always happy to talk through your options and can be contacted here: Jamie Allan

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