Building A Personal Brand Is Vital


How do you make an impact on social media, and build your own profile?  It can be difficult with all the noise. That’s why building a personal brand is vital.

The key is be authentic and genuine, just who you are and people will relate to you.  It’s tempting to be too corporate at times, but that’s not what people want. Certainly not in the small business sector anyway.

The great advantage we have is that we run small companies.  Therefore we know our customers really well.  We can simply be ourselves!

That’s what building a personal brand is all about.

Social media expert Chris Reeve reveals his top tips.  He explains how to stand out in today’s crowded social media space in his great podcast which you can listen to here: Chris Reeve – Personal Brand 

You can catch him here to

Why not listen to some of our other podcasts, all relevant to business owners and you can find them here: BGC Free Knowledge


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